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1-2-3 Driving Adult Lessons Schedule  Info  Email  Website
7602 N Jupiter Rd Ste 111, Garland, TX 75044 (Google Maps)
Phone: (972) 633-2914

  So, you want to learn how to drive? The time is right and now you are ready. But, who? Who is going to make this the most fun, educational, rewarding experience it can be? 1-2-3 Driving School is the place to start. Why? 1-2-3 is a state certified driving school with over 15 years of experience and literally thousands of successful students on the road. We have developed training techniques, unique to us, that can take everyone from the absolute beginner to the more experienced driver, to their highest, most confident level. This confidence is absolutely invaluable. It is the foundation for the student to feel safe and comfortable behind the wheel of a car. With this confidence the student becomes the cautious decision maker that driving requires. Imagine that feeling of getting behind the wheel of the car and having that sense of safety. You will know that if you simply follow the driving systems that you were taught, driving is a safe rewarding experience. This is where 1-2-3 excels.
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