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  Welcome to Our goal is to get you an appointment with businesses you use everyday by just pointing and clicking. So here is how this works. First Register, which creates an account with Registering requires entering your name, email address and choosing a username and password. You can also optionally add up to three businesses to schedule with at this point. After registering, Login using your username and password that you created in the first step. Logging in takes you directly to your homepage that shows your personal calendar, that we refer to as myCal.

  From this page you can view your personal day planner by choosing a day from the calender. To start scheduling, choose a day and then choose a business. Your first five frequently scheduled businesses appear in the dropdown for quick access. If you haven't scheduled with a business before, you will be sent to pending. If the business is set to auto-accept then you'll be sent directly to that business's scheduling page, barring any required fields. If not then there will be a short wait while the business approves you to schedule with them and you will receive an email from the service when they accept or decline you. After you've passed pending the business may require you to enter additional details, possibly specific to the business, which would need to be entered before any scheduling.

  Now that you've passed pending and entered any required fields, you'll be presented with times (and optionally, instructors) available to be schedule. Choose a time (and instructor combination) that you would like and click Schedule. A confirmation alert will popup, confirming the details of your schedule event. Click Ok and you're now scheduled with that business at that time.

  So a short recap:
  • Login
    If you don't have a username and password already then Register.
  • Choose a Day
  • Choose a Business
  • Schedule!
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